Frequently Asked Questions

"It is a fact that the Harpers chain of restaurants have gone from strength to strength, and this has been no accident! We have always been faithful to our core values of never compromising on quality, service or reasonable prices and we believe that these ingredients have been our recipe for success!"

Some of our most commonly asked questions are listed below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, click here to leave us a message.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, in certain branches we do deliver within a local radius. Currently, our branches at Acomb & Beverley offer delivery. 

Can I phone an order in for collection?

Yes, all our takeaway branches offer to call and collect, we can usually have your order ready within 15 minutes unless we are very busy. Find your local branch here.

Do you cater for large parties?

Yes, all our branches can cater for large parties. Please phone your local branch for more information. It may also be possible to offer you local delivery in some exceptional cases.

Do you offer a gluten free option?

Yes, some of our branches offers gluten and wheat free options, seven days a week throughout summer. Our takeaway branch Acomb currently offers low-gluten and wheat options every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Our restaurants can cater for coeliacs with grilled and poached fish naturally gluten free. As with any dietary requirements please inform your waiting staff so we can meet your needs. 

I’m vegetarian, what can you offer me? 

We fry our food in 100% Beef dripping, so naturally, anything from the range will unfortunately not be vegetarian. However, our restaurants can cater for many dietary requirements and all offer vegetarian options.

Why do I have to wait for my food?

We prefer to fry to order, as fish sitting in the cabinet for long periods of time quickly loses its structure, moisture and flavour. 

Why do your chips taste so good?

We freshly peel and chip our potatoes on a daily basis, and fry them in high-quality beef dripping, until crisp on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

What kind of potatoes do you use?

We use a variety of different potatoes, depending on the season. We work closely with our potato supplier to ensure we get the pick of the crop. See this handy chart:

Why do your prices vary between shops?

Most of our branches do have the same prices, however, a few branches do have slightly different prices. This decision is based on local competition, as well as business rates and rental rates in the area. You can however be assured of the same great quality, no matter which branch you choose.

Why are your opening hours different between shops?

Due to the different locations of our branches, each branch has different opening hours to suit our local customer’s needs. We often stay open longer in summer as we find customers choose to eat later in the day, and for localised events, we may also stay open longer. To check your local branches opening times click here

Why are your prices higher than other fish and chip shops?

We only sell the best quality products we can source, such as Icelandic frozen at sea Cod and Haddock and the seasons best potatoes. Our portion sizes are also larger than the average. Our small fish and chips are more comparable to our competitor's regular sized meals, which is reflected in the price.

Isn't Cod about to go extinct?

No, all fish caught in the North Sea is subject to strict fishing quotas, and stocks are now recovering. We primarily buy Icelandic Cod and Haddock, which is sustainably fished from well-managed stocks and many of our suppliers subscribe to the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Scheme. For more information click here

I thought fresh fish was better quality than frozen?

In most cases the frozen at sea Cod and Haddock we buy is cleaned, packed and frozen within 4 hours of been caught, whereas fresh fish has to go on a journey of up to 6 days from the fishing boat to the shop or restaurant. Being frozen with such a short period locks in the freshness, and guarantees a quality product. Check out this video to see the process in action:

How can I make fish and chips like yours at home?

You can’t! The products we use are not available to the public; we use a bespoke batter unique to Harpers with no MSG, artificial colours or flavours. Our beef dripping is specially developed to work with our high-efficiency frying ranges, and our fish, potatoes and other ingredients are a much higher quality than your local supermarket can offer. All this makes for fantastic quality fish and chips, that can’t be beaten!

What are you doing to save the environment?

We have implemented a number of schemes in order to reduce our impact and dependence on the environment. We donate all our used cooking oil to be recycled for the production of various types of bio-energy. We also recycle our cardboard, glass and plastic waste in branches where possible.

We are reducing our reliance on plastic carrier bags and polystyrene trays, by moving towards the use of paper bags and boxes, which can be recycled at home. All our branches operate regular litter patrols within the community.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes, we are always hiring hard working, flexible team members. Click here to find vacancies.

Question not answered? 

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