Gluten Free

"It is a fact that the Harpers chain of restaurants have gone from strength to strength, and this has been no accident! We have always been faithful to our core values of never compromising on quality, service or reasonable prices and we believe that these ingredients have been our recipe for success!"

What Is Gluten?
Gluten is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, rye and barley. Therefore foods such as bread, batters and sauces all contain gluten.

What is Coeliac Disease?
If you have Coeliac Disease you have to avoid gluten for life. It is thought that the disease now affects 1 in 100 people in the UK. A gluten-free diet is the only reatment for the condition.Many foods are naturally gluten-free, such as meat, fish and potatoes, however, as very small amounts of gluten can affect coeliacs these products need to be served in a strictly controlled environment to reduce the risk of contamination.

What Do Harpers Offer?
Harpers Fish & Chips have made a significant investment into providing a gluten free option with dedicated fryers installed, full staff training and months of experimenting with gluten-free products.

We can now offer Gluten Free Cod, Haddock, and chips at some of our branches and are working on adding more products soon.

Currently available Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout winter. Freshly prepared in a dedicated fryer with separate utensils.

Due to the significant investment required, we can only offer Gluten free deep fried fish and chips in specific branches currently, however many of our restaurants do cater for coeliacs with grilled and poached fish naturally gluten free. As with any dietary requirements please inform your waiting staff so we can meet your needs.

Our chefs are also working on dishes specifically developed for coeliacs, which can be enjoyed by anyone.

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